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Download SGI Image Plugin

If you are interested in the plugin alone and not the source code [13kb] is the file to download.  It contains the following files:

FileName Purpose
sgiimage.8bi This is the plugin.   Copy this file to the plugin directory of Photoshop.  You can find this directory by starting Photoshop and choosing the menu item Preferences | Plugins And Scratch Disks ...  
doc.htm Contains installation instructions and describes the plugin features.

If you want the source code too, download [24kb].  To compile the source you need Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 and Adobe Photoshop Plugin Software Development Kit | Release 4.0.1.  The Photoshop Plugin SDK is available here.   If you have installed the SDK in C:\adobe\sdk directory, you must extract the contents of in the directory  C:\adobe\sdk\examples\format\simpleformat\.  Inside Visual C++, you must load the workspace file C:\adobe\sdk\examples\format\simpleformat\ simpleformat.dsw to get going.  Everytime you compile the source, the  built plugin will be C:\adobe\sdk\examples\format\sdkplugins\simpleformat.8bi.  You may rename it to something like sgiimage.8bi and copy it to the plugin directory of Photoshop.  The only hassle is that everytime you have a fresh build, you need to restart Photoshop to test it out :(

I am also interested in supporting the plugin on the Apple Macintosh platform but don't have the resources to do so.  I have not modified the cross platform switches placed in the original SimpleFormat code.  Therefore with a compiler like Metrowerks CodeWarrior on the Mac, you must be able to build the plugin.   However, do contact me if you find any errors thrown during   compilation.


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