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SGI Image Plugin


This plugin reads and writes SGI (.rgb or .sgi) image files in Adobe Photoshop 4 and 5  on Windows 95 | NT. As of this release, only images having a pixel depth of 8 bits per color component can be read or written. The plugin can read image data stored verbatim or compressed using the RLE scheme. However, the plugin writes image data verbatim. The image data can represent one of the following.

alpha channel

red, green and blue channels

red, green, blue and alpha channels

If the image data contains alpha channel alone, the plugin creates empty red, green and blue channels inside Photoshop and loads the alpha channel as channel #4. The plugin can save any number of channels but other programs reading the file may not recognize beyond the maximum four channels.  If you want to save only the alpha channel, you should delete all the other channels and save.


The plugin was developed using the C programming language.


Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0
Adobe Photoshop Plugin Software Development Kit - Release 4.0.1


Windows 95 + Windows NT
I am also interested in making the plugin available on the Apple Macintosh platform but dont have the resources to do so.  If you are interested, you can pick up the source code posted in the Download area and compile it using Metrowerks CodeWarrior on the Mac.   Contact me if any errors are thrown during compilation.


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