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Murphy's Laws of Visual Effects

The disappointments of your profession are presented in a lighter vein in the laws of Murphy.  Anybody can write Murphy's laws,  Murphy is a fictitious character and doesnt demand royalty for using his name.  Here is my version; I hope you enjoy these laws and welcome you to contribute to this list.  Please send your laws to  Your contribution will be duly acknowledged.  These laws were created from my experiences @ EFX.  There were more laws but they apply only to our way of working.  So here is the culled list:

Laws of Visual Effects Programming

What you want to do has already been done

What is not done is not necessary

What you have done is not necessary

Every graphics software is incomplete

Every animator / artist knows that every graphics software is incomplete

Animators and artists always want what is not available in existing software

Laws of Blue-Screen Photography

What is being rotosplined could have been shot blue-screen

What is shot blue-screen must be rotosplined

Laws of Backup

What is needed will not be backed up

What is backed up cannot be retrieved

More laws will be posted as and when they are conceived.


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