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L i f e

The Game of Life was invented by British Mathematician John Conway in 1970.  It is more a simulation that a game, and a tool for exploring the concept of Emergence.  Mr. Conway believed that a few simple rules applied to a system can give rise to organized, complex and seemingly designed behaviour. 

The Game of Life is conducted on an NxN grid.   Each cell of the grid has two states : ON or OFF.  You could assume that a cell is an organism.  Its birth, survival or death in the next generation depends on the following rules. 

If the organism is alive, it dies of isolation in the next generation if the number of neighbors about it is less than Two.  If there are greater than Three neighbors, it dies of over-crowding.   It survives if there are Two or Three neighbors about it.

If the organism is dead, it takes birth in the next generation if the number of neighbors about it is exactly Three.

The Game of Life makes a very pleasant demo over the Internet.  There are scores of versions already available but I couldnt resist developing my own version.  So Enjoy!


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