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A prototype MEL Bot by Sampath Jagannathan <>
Started On : May 22, 2000
Last Changed : May 22, 2000

What this Bot does is simple.  It drives out the Villains who dare to venture into its Patrol area!!

Installation Instructions:

  • Extract into your scripts directory.  On my machine this is C:\Winnt\Profiles\s.jagan\maya\2.5\scripts\
  • type source jagbot on the command line and press enter. 

Quick Start:

The UI looks like this:

Heres the explanation:

Get Jag Bot:

Select an object you want to be your Bot.  Then, click this button

Get Villains:

Select objects you want to be villains of your bot.  Then, click this button

I know what you are thinking now.  You want to select an object to be both your Bot and your Villain.  I am sorry, this version doesnt take care of multiple personality disorders ;-))  If you do, you get a division by zero error.  Nothing to worry, just re-select your Bot and Villains

Bot Influence:
Bot Influence defines the patrol radius of the Bot.  Drag the slider to higher values and see your bot defend its territory aggressively ;-))

Thats it!!


Your Bot and your Bot's villains can be any object (joints, ikHandles, cvs...anything).  Try various combinations and see what you come up with.  This script was written under 2 hours (after office hours ;-)) and I leave it to you to explore the possibilities.  If you think its cool  e-mail (bugs, suggestions also welcome) me at

Technical Notes:

For folks that are interested in writing their own MEL Bots, please see jagbot.mel for a starting point (If you are from ILM, please resist the urge to puke ;-))) For the rest, here is how it works:

A Bot waits for Maya to become Idle and starts patrolling its area.  If it finds any Villains in its area, it just drives them out.  Thats it!


Special thanks to the folks at the Alias Mailing List for the day's inspiration!!