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Escher Gallery

Welcome to the Escher gallery.  Here are some designs I created with Escher.  I am no artist and the designs are just flat shaded -- no textures, no lighting.  However, I feel creative use of textures and lighting will elevate these designs to a new level.   Enjoy!
gasket.gif (2289 bytes) cubegask.gif (8880 bytes) pyrgask.gif (9868 bytes)
Gasket Gasket applied Once on a Cube Gasket applied Thrice on a Pyramid
trole1.gif (2328 bytes) cubetrole.gif (6164 bytes) pyrtrole.gif (7489 bytes)
Trole - I Trole - I applied Once on a Cube Trole-I applied Once on a Pyramid


benz3.gif (2534 bytes) trole5.gif (2293 bytes) cubemix.gif (8711 bytes)
Benz - III Trole - V Benz-III and Trole-V applied Once successively on a  Cube. 
gastrol.gif (6279 bytes) subdiv1.gif (2190 bytes) cage.gif (10960 bytes)
Gasket applied Twice followed by Trole - I applied Once on alternate faces of a Cube. SubDiv - I [ Tessellates a triangle of the input mesh.  Uses Edge-Center Tessellation and creates four triangles for every triangle] SubDiv - I applied Thrice followed Once by Trole - I on Even facets and Gasket applied Once on Odd Facets of a Cube
full.gif (2207 bytes) jewel1.gif (2301 bytes) fullfill.gif (12240 bytes)
Full - I  [ Just replaces a triangle of the input mesh with itself thus leaving it unchanged]

Jewel - I

Jewel - I is applied to one half of the Sphere while Full - I is applied to the other half.  [I have rendered this with back faces removed for clarity]
glass.gif (3195 bytes) teapot.gif (19213 bytes)
Glass-Bits Glass-Bits applied to all faces of the CG Sex Symbol : Teapot!
thin-slit.gif (2404 bytes) earth-slit.gif (31810 bytes)
Ozone Hole

The Earth is breaking Up! I have presented this image to show that any texture -- static or animated -- can be applied to the mesh after Escher has modeled a design on it.  Escher calculates fresh normals + texture vertices to make this possible.


Escher can model Patterned Terrain

normterr.gif (16510 bytes) topterr.gif (3752 bytes) perspterr.gif (14292 bytes)
Normal Terrain generated by Applying SubDiv - I Four times on a Plane.  Top View of the Patterned Terrain generated by applying Gasket Twice followed by SubDiv - I Three times on a Plane.  Perspective View of the Patterned Terrain generated by applying Gasket Twice followed by SubDiv - I Three times on a Plane.

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